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Trade and Nature: Trade-offs and Solutions

  • Published on November 18, 2021
  • November 23
  • 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM UTC

Webinar 3: 'Trade, Biodiversity and Climate Change'

When: 23 November, 12:00 – 13:00 BST.

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Join our monthly webinar series 'Trade and Nature: Trade-offs and Solutions' by the GCRF Trade, Development and the Environment Hub.The GCRF TRADE Hub (launched in 2019) has already produced several impactful publications and reports. Our researchers are exploring frontiers of transformative change within the trade-environment-development nexus, and there are novel insights and empirical evidence being developed within the Hub that merit sharing.

Looking for the answers as to how global trade flows interact with biodiversity?

Join us for a discussion on trade policy's role in fostering biodiversity-friendly commodity and wildlife supply chains. We especially encourage those in the environmental and conservation sectors with little or no prior knowledge of international trade flows and supply chains to join the discussion.  

Objectives of the webinar series:

  • To identify and share case studies from our focal countries, emphasizing gaps in understanding trade and it's social and environmental implications, and how these are being addressed within the TRADE Hub
  • To present recent findings and methods of the project
  • To clarify the boundaries of the intractable challenge that the TRADE Hub is addressing, and demonstrate how we have created impact, and the plans to continue building on this impact


In the next Webinar we focus on the evolving trade policy outlook in the wake of COP26:

  • What is the outlook for evolving global trade policies in relation to climate change and biodiversity?
  • How can the Forest, Agriculture and Commodity Trade Dialogue (FACT Dialogue), newly launched at COP26, contribute to meeting the goal of halting and reversing forest loss by 2030?


Relevant resource: Biodiversity and International Trade Policy Primer

This publication provides an up-to-date information base for understanding the different ways nature links up with and fits in the sustainable trade agenda and opportunities involved. It connects with the important developments at COP26 on trade, forests and land use.  


Past events

19 October, 2021 | 'Science-based decision-making: Metrics and tools from the TRADE Hub'  (This webinar mentioned Commodity Footprints site, a global tool and launched in October 2021).

20 September 2021 | 'Biodiversity and International Trade Policy: Issues, Opportunities and Challenges’

12 September, 2019 | UKRI GCRF Trade, Development, and the Environment Hub: Geneva-based launch  

More information? You can follow the GCRF TRADE Hub project on Twitter, visit our website, follow us on LinkedIn, and subscribe to our newsletter and YouTube channel for future updates.


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Event start date
11:00 am
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12:00 pm

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